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Tetratest NO2 Nitrite Tests

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Tetra Test Nitrite is a quick accurate nitrite (NO2) test kits :45 Tests

  • Nitrite (NO2) is a toxic chemical that is produced from the beakdown of Ammonia by biologixcal filtration. Nitrite if left unchecked will result in fish health problems.
  • Without regular testing, the Nitrite level in your aquarium could rise to a level that is fatal to your fish.
  • Tetratest NO2 Nitrite Tests

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  • Tetra test nitrite kits are reliable, accurate and use professionally designed methods to determine if your tank water is safe for your fish Toxic nitrite is broken down into non-toxic nitrate during the nitrate cycle’s second stage of decomposition by bacteria, such as those from the nitrospira genus. Nitrite is a nitrogen compound that is formed as a result of decomposition processes in the aquarium. High levels of this indicate that there is a problem with the biological filter system.
  • The nitrite content should ideally be less than 0.3 mg/l and thus not measurable. The aquarium water must be checked weekly to detect dangerous nitrite concentrations early.
  •  Contents:- 2x 10ml test reagent Test vial Colour Scale Chart Instructions and Recommendations How To Use As a liquid test kit, 
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