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Salty Shrimp Sulawesi Mineral Seven Five

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  • Salty Shrimp Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 :100g
    Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 is the most easily soluble variant of our Sulawesi Mineral scope. It buffers the pH at around 7.5 and serves for mineralising RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water etc.
    Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 contains all important minerals and trace elements the well-known shrimp species from this region need for their health, wellbeing and colouration. Cardinal shrimp (Caridia dennerli) breeders have been using it very successfully. This mineral salt furthers the microbial regeneration of biological filter substrates.
    Raises carbonate and total hardness at a ratio of KH/GH = 0.42/1.0

  • Salty Shrimp Sulawesi Mineral Seven Five

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  • Note:The shrimp originating from Lake Towuti on Sulawesi (e.g. the freshwater harlequin shrimp - Caridina woltereckae or the red-banded shrimp - Caridina striata) are still very difficult to breed in captivity. Thus we went to the Ancient Lakes on Sulawesi again in 2011 (after our initial trip in 2008) in order to have a closer look at the conditions in the habitat and to take water samples to have them analysed here.
  • The results of these analyses show fundamental differences of the water chemistry of the Malili Lakes in comparison with generally known types of lacustrian waters. Here we had to completely rework the mineral constellation; the result of these efforts is the salt Sulawesi Mineral 8.5
  • Less finicky Sulawesi shrimp like the freshwater cardinal shrimp (Caridina dennerli) can be kept and bred with positive outcomes both with Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 and Sulawesi Mineral 8.5. For the more susceptible shrimps we hope to achieve long-term successful breeding by the use of Sulawesi Mineral 8.5, which is practically identical to the water chemistry of Lake Towuti.
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