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FLOC PRO Maintenance Ammonia Control Biobacteria Dry Powder

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FLOC PRO Maintenance;1 KG.
Bio-bacteria Powder to reduce Bio Load, Ammonia,NO2 and NO3 Explosion.
Best water Soluble multi Strain highly concentrate enzymes and Bio-bacteria.
Best in Indian market.
Reduce Biofloc/Pond/Freshwater/Brackish water/Saltwater Ammonia/NO2/NO3 to almost 0% from any range.
Increases Dissolved Oxygen Content
Balancing pH,Water Colour & Alkalinity
No effect on Floc in Biofloc aquaculture system.
Control Sludge, Algae ,Green water, Bad smell and foam of Biofloc pond water.
Maintain clear water.Prevent fish disease.
Supreme composition to improve water quality and degrade Toxic organic components.
100% money Back Guarantee,If not Satisfy your quality standard requirement.
Keeping biofloc pond bottom free from organic load and toxic gases(Ammonia, Nitrite and Hydrogen sulfide)
15 Strains of microbial elements fortified with natural HSCAS compounds.
Helps in digestion Organic waste and converts it into micro nutrients.
Increases zootoplankton,control of sludge build up, breakdown dissolved protein & fragments unused feed.
Directly inhibits pathogenic microbes,Stabilizes existing algae blooms,Improves water quality.
Prevent stress factors,Digests sludge,Keeps the ecosystem healthy.

FLOC PRO Maintenance Ammonia Control Biobacteria Dry Powder

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Natural Microbial enzyme product with specific strains to maintain supreme water condition.Ideal for Freshwater,Saltwater,Brackish water aquaculture and Biofloc systems.Also highly effective for home Aquarium system to maintain hi quality water and prevention of fish diseases

  • HOW TO USE :

    Initial Doses; Use directly 100 - 200g powder for 10,000L water.Add 200g powder in 20 liters of water and activate with aerator for 1-2 hrs. and then sprinkle it in 10000 Liter biofloc pond water. Maintenance Dose: Use 100g/10000L on interval of every 30 days to maintain water quality.

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