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Floc Pro Gold Biofloc Multi Strain Probiotic

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Floc Pro Gold; 1 KG.
Best Quality Probiotic for aquaculture System.
Multi Strain Probiotic & enzymes Blend Powder.
Floc Pro Gold contains stable and adequate quantities of Bacillas Species- Bacillus Firmus
Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis,Bacillus megaterium,
Bacillus polymyxa, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus Lactobacillus sporogenes,
Bacillus Nitrosomonas, Bacillus Nitrobacter, Rhodobactor, Photosynthetic,Pediococcus,
Saccharomyces cerevisiae and nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria with milti enzymes.
It Contains millions CFU per Gr.
Highly Concentrated non pathogenic naturally
occurring beneficial strains probiotic and enzymes.
100% money Back Guarantee
If not Satisfy your biofloc probiotic quality standard requirement.

Floc Pro Gold Biofloc Multi Strain Probiotic

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Floc Pro Gold is a pure microbial probiotic cultures supplemented with nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria supported with a highly compatible base which produce large amounts of digestive enzymes to culture floc into Biofloc aquaculture system effectively and improve the performance and survivability of any types of Fish and prawns.Removes existing algae and prevents new growth,Breaks down organic and faecal(fish waste) wastes in the water in biofloc/aquaculture system.

  • HOW TO USE :

    Apply for all types of Fish and Shrimps:Example, PANGASEUS, MANGUR, TILAPIA etc. METHOD OF USE: 200g FLOC PRO GOLD for 10000 liters of tank. If the C: N Ratio is maintained no need to dose the second time. If not, repeat the dose in every beginning of the month. PROPAGATION PROTOCOL; 1. Take 250 liter drum add 3/4th of water to it. 2. Add 200g Molasses + 200g FLOC PRO GOLD and 100g table salt stir it to dissolve properly. 3. Aeration required for 48 Hours. 4. Don't close the lid of the drum. 5. Incubation duration 38-42 Hrs. 6. After 48 Hours add 200 Litre propagated Inoculum to 10000 Litres of your biofloc water uniformly. 7. Add 500g Molasses for 05 days continuously. 8. Maintain the aeration continuously. 9. Floc will be observed from 7- 9th day after the introduction,of Propagated Inoculum.

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